Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Content is indeed king

What makes content so important in the digital world? Simple – Content has the power to invite and influence. The magic of words combined with design and other elements like audio and visual effects decide one’s digital image. In short – content is the core of everything on the digital planet.

Content is a powerful weapon in social media marketing. Each social media platform has a definite context and a different segment of audience. Hence it becomes highly important to present the content in various formats like blogs, pod-casts, slide presentations, videos for effective dissemination.

Many believe that once they have a website with their products listed, people will barge in with enquires. However, the truth is that there are several other online media with almost the same products and services. So, what will be the choice of the majority? Obviously, the channels having the most attractive content! Many companies struggle to implement effective digital marketing because of lack of appropriate content.The significance of relevant and striking content is more than you can imagine, as powerful content has the ability to bring in the best customers.

Content writing is not only limited to writing a piece of informative and interesting article or blog, but it also includes enhancing a company’s services & products. A website becomes powerless if it fails to attract users. What triggers traffic is pertinent content along with specific key words and phrases that online users most likely hit while searching for a product. If you are keen about frequently adding new content to your site, it only invites more visitors.

So, what makes good social media content? Most important – the content should be something one would want to share, recommend or bookmark. It also should be original, credible, superior and comprehensive.

Therefore, you should make your website and other social media channels rich with compelling content.If you are looking for content that is palatable for your target audience, your search ends here at Webenza. We have a creative team of content specialists well-versed in all areas of content development and strategy.

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  1. Google values quality content.The biggest reason we see "content as king" is because humans now play a roll in search.We can also say that content is currency used in paying for links.Content is even more potent in winning visitors than, say, search engine placements.
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